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Top Bizarre hairstyles of Tokyo Revengers MAIN & Supporting Characters: from Freeter to Time-leaper

Tokyo Revengers is a popular manga and anime series that follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who travels back in time to his middle school days to prevent the death of his ex-girlfriend and her brother. Along the way, he encounters a cast of characters with some truly unique and bizarre hairstyles.

From the main character Takemichi’s messy mop of hair to the supporting characters’ bold and eccentric styles, Tokyo Revengers is a treasure trove of bizarre hairstyles. Some characters’ hairdos reflect their personalities, while others seem to be defying the laws of physics.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top bizarre hairstyles of the main and supporting characters of Tokyo Revengers, from the disheveled freeter Mikey to the gravity-defying hair of the time-leaping Draken. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to explore the wild world of Tokyo Revengers’ hairstyles.

Main Characters

1.Takemichi Hanagaki:

Takemichi has bleached yellow hair that styled inti faux hawk or sometimes inti tousled style.

Takemichi Hanagaki

2.Manjiro Sano AKA Mikey:

Manjiro sano had face framing Shoulder length golden blonde hair starting at cheekbones and have layers styled into half-bun

Manjiro Sano AKA Mikey

3.Ken Ryuguji AKA draken:

Draken has butter blonde hair styled into face framing piece with undercut, it also looks like famous viking haircut version.

Ken Ryuguji AKA draken

4.Hinata Tachibana:

Hinata Tachibana had light pink- brown/ rose gold coloured shoulder legth hair with curtain bang and featured layers

Hinata Tachibana

5.Tetta Kisaki:

Kisaki has blonde hair that were cut to a crew cut and a shaved hair art on the right side of the head.

Tetta Kisaki

6.Kazuutora Hanemiya:

Kazutora had brownish black hairs with light ash blonde chunky highlights that were styled into short choppy wolf cut.

Kazuutora Hanemiya

7.Keisuke Baji:

Baji had black/brownish black middle part a little wavy hair with invisible layers.

Keisuke Baji


Pah-chin Has bleached yellow hair that parted to the right side with clean shaved sides.


9.Timeskip Hanma:

Hanama sanji had black hair with blonde natural highlights that were styled inti long combover hair with fades styled to the side.

Timeskip Hanma

10.Taiju shiba:

Tajiu has a medium length textured hairstyle with chunky highlight of white and neon blue.

Taiju shiba

Supporting Characters

11.Takashi Mitsuya:

Takashi mitsuya had ash purpule colored mullet/ wolf haircut with bangs.

Takashi Mitsuya

12.Yuzuha Shiba:

Yuzuha had a ginger/ strawberry colored waist length hair with face-framing layers

Yuzuha Shiba

13.Chifuyu Matsuno:

Chifuyu matsno had brown colored two block haircut with undercut

Chifuyu Matsuno

14.Emma Sano:

Emma have balayage colored long layered mid back length hair with curtain bans

Emma Sano

15.Seishu Inui:

Inui had golden blonde hair that were styled into curtain cut.

Seishu Inui

16.Manila/ Bonten Mikey:

Manila has black hair styles into undercut with middle part curtain.

Manila/ Bonten Mikey

17.Bonten Sanzu:

Sanzu had ash pink colored mullet/ wolf haircut.

Bonten Sanzu

18.Bonten Rin:

Rin has as purple / Ash blue with highlights that are styled into mullet/ wolf haircut.

Bonten Rin

19.Bonten Ran:

Ran has ash purple / lavender colored hair that are styled into undercut slicked back

Bonten Ran

20.Sanju Kawaragi:

Sanju has light ash pink layered shag styled tomboy hairstyle.

Sanju Kawaragi

21.White leopard Wakasa:

Wakasa had golden blonde messy textured two block haircut.

White leopard Wakasa

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