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BTS Members’ Long Hairstyles We Can’t Get Enough Of

If you’re a fan of the K-pop band BTS, then you know how iconic their long hair looks. From Jimin’s golden waves to V’s signature messy look, BTS members have been known to rock the long hair look and make it look good. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring all the different long hairstyles that the members of BTS have been sporting over the years, from BTS V’s long hair to Jungkook’s sleek style. Get ready to be inspired by some of the best long hairstyles that BTS has to offer!


We can’t help but swoon over the long hair of BTS members! J-Hope is one of the members of BTS who has been sporting long locks for some time now, and it looks amazing! His iconic golden brown curls are framed by his long locks and give him an angelic look. The length of his hair accentuates his face shape, and he has managed to style it in a way that complements his personality. He often opts for a sleek, straight look or a more natural, wavy look. No matter what style he goes for, we can’t get enough of J-Hope’s beautiful bts with long hair!


When it comes to K-pop idols and their long hair, there’s no denying the iconic style of the boys of BTS. Suga is the latest member to sport the classic look, and we just can’t get enough of it! From his signature undercut to a variety of braided styles, Suga’s long locks have become a signature part of his look. He often pairs them with a bright, bold wardrobe, making him one of the most eye-catching members of the band.

BTS fans are always eager to see what Suga will do with his hair next. We love that he loves to experiment with different looks and show off his unique fashion sense. He is definitely a master when it comes to styling his long locks!


When it comes to long hair, the members of BTS have some of the most iconic looks. Whether it’s Jimin’s signature half-up style, V’s shaggy mane, or J-Hope’s brushed-back look, they each have their own signature style when it comes to wearing their hair long. But one look that all the members share is a love for voluminous, flowy locks.

Whether he’s on stage or off, Jimin always makes sure that his bts with long hair looks amazing. With his incredible styling skills and gorgeous locks, it’s no surprise that he’s one of the most popular members of BTS.


When it comes to long hairstyles, no one does it better than BTS. In particular, Jin’s long hair has been a source of envy for fans all over the world. His layered locks are usually kept neat and tidy and usually styled in a sleek side-swept look. It looks amazing when he’s performing on stage, but also looks great when worn down in casual settings. We can’t get enough of Jin’s signature style with his bts hair long and glossy!


The latest K-pop sensation, BTS, have made a splash on the music scene with their stunning visuals and powerful sound. But one thing that really stands out about the band is their long hairstyles. From V’s signature tousled look to Jin’s sleek mane, each member of the group rocks a unique style that looks amazing with their long hair.

Last but not least, Suga and Jungkook also rock long hairstyles that are just as impressive as V and Jin’s. Suga is known for his signature messy mop that looks effortless yet chic, while Jungkook goes for an undercut with long, wavy strands that are always styled to perfection. Both these looks prove that you can still look amazing with longer hair.

From V’s tousled style to Jin’s sleek locks, BTS proves time and time again that long hair can be incredibly versatile and fashionable. Each member of the group has their own unique look, proving that there are countless ways to wear your hair long.


We can’t get enough of BTS’s long-haired looks! Jungkook is known for having the longest hair in the group, and he often sports a sleek and stylish style. His signature look is a tousled, medium-length mane that falls just below his shoulders. From wavy locks to slicked-back styles, Jungkook has rocked a variety of hairstyles with his signature bts with long hair look. He’s also experimented with fun colors, such as bright blondes, pastel pinks, and even purple streaks. No matter what look he chooses, Jungkook’s long hair always looks great and adds to his charismatic charm.


BTS is known for their unique, individual styles and their long hair has become a signature look of the K-pop band. From RM’s deep black mane to V’s voluminous golden locks, BTS members have been rocking long hair for years and we can’t get enough! RM has been sporting his iconic long hair since the band’s debut in 2013, and his look continues to impress fans around the world. He often wears it down, parted to the side, or swept back off his face for an effortlessly cool vibe. Whether he’s on stage, in videos, or attending red carpet events, RM looks great with his long hair and serves as major style inspiration for all the BTS fans out there.

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