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25 Contemporary Groom Hairstyles

I have some suggestion for grooms searching for a fresh hairdo for the wedding! You may decide from a collection of cool and cutting-edge haircuts that we’ve prepared for you, and on the big day, style your hair with a little hair product to don a fresh appearance to go with your dapper suit or tux. Let’s check at some stylish alternatives.

Longer Haircuts

If you have longer hair or are planning to grow your hair for the wedding day, there are also many ways to style it. You may wear hair just above the shoulders – if it’s wavy, highlight the texture, if it’s straight, give it a volume. Pairing such a hairstyle with a beard will give you a very trendy and modern look. If you are a daring groom, try various mohawk and faux hawk with shaved sides and volume, they look wow. If your hair is long enough, you may wear it in a bun – a man bun is one of the trendiest hairstyles for guys now. The bun can be slicked back, textural and dimensional and even with braided sides – it’s up to you and your groom’s style.

1.a casual pulled-back man bun hairstyle with a section of hair wrapped around the hair tie is trendy

image 38

2.a longer textural haircut with a large beard and moustache is a chic idea with a casual feel

image 39

3.a low man bun and a groomed beard for a chic and casual groom’s look

image 40

4.a messy man bun with a large beard create a very hipster-like look, which is trendy

image 41

5.a slicked back man bun hairstyle with just some hair product is right what a boho groom needs

image 42

6.a small bun with braids on the sides looks boho chic and hippie-like and is great for longer hair

image 43 edgy hawk haircut with longer hair on top, nearly shaved sides and a beard for a daring groom

image 44

8.long wavy hair and a beard for a relaxed and boho chic look, a great idea for a hipster groom

image 45

9.natural waves can be styled in many ways but of course highlighting its texture is the best way ever

image 46

10.straight hair just above the shoulders with a simple middle part and a trimmed beard

image 47

Shorter Haircuts

There are many haircuts for short hair, many ways to style your hair but we are offering you the coolest and most timeless ones. A taper cut is classics that always works, so if you don’t know what to choose, here’s your option. A pompadour is a very cool and chic idea and if you think it’s a bit old-fashioned, you may always style it differently adding various touches. First of all, you may try faded sides or even shaved ones for a very edgy look. Second, you may regulate the length and amount of hair on top creating messy or neater textures and various dimensions.

11.a stylish and classic pompadour haircut with a beard always works and looks very elegant

image 63

12.a taper cut is a cool, clean and fuss-free hairstyle, and it looks tailored, this classics will be always on

image 62 elegant taper haircut is a timeless idea for any groom, it’s classics that always works

image 60 elegant taper cut with trendy retro-inspired glasses create a chic vintage-inspired look

image 59

15.a classic longer pompadour with shorter sides and a well-groomed beard plus moustache

image 61

16.a chic textural pompadour with fading sides is right what you need for a cool look on the big day

image 57

17.a chic groom’s pompadour with a large beard and moustache is a very hipster-like look

image 56

18.a chic slicked back pompadour haircut is a stylish idea with much volume

image 55

19.a curly high top fade with a full beard fading on the sides and back is a chic and bold option

image 54

20.a dimensional and voluminous pompadour with a slight fade and glasses for a chic gent look

image 53

21.a groom rocking a chic pompadour with much volume and texture, a beard and red glasses for a trendy look

image 52

22.a mid fade taper cut with a beard is a bold and modern option that will add style to your look

image 51

23.a retro high top fade to look equally stylish and sauve

image 50

24.a short pompadour haircut with a longer top and a well-groomed beard is all the rage this year

image 49

25.a pompadour haircut with much volume and texture looks crazy and very edgy at the same time

image 48

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