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15 weirdest hairstyles for Christmas holidays -that will make it memorable

Wondering what hairstyle to choose for your Christmas holidays? Have you ever seen so many crazy hairs style on the streets during this festive period? Christmas holidays are a great chance to try new hairstyle, whether you’re going out or staying at home. If you want to make sure your holiday is more memorable, you should try some of the weirdest Christmas hairstyles that look unique and trendy. Holiday parties are no longer the simple, informal gatherings they used to be. With today’s more formal settings and more people celebrating, there are several hairstyles you can do that will change up your look and make you stand out in a crowd. Whether you have short or long hair, whether you are going to any formal event or a more casual get-together — these 13 hairstyles will help make your holiday party memorable.

The word “crazy” is often used to describe hairstyles, so it’s not surprising that some of the weirder looks are for Christmas. If you want to stand out at your holiday parties this year, try one of these 13 craziest hairstyles for Christmas.

1.The Elf Hairdo

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, elf hair will be the perfect choice for your Christmas holiday party. It’s simple, yet it looks very stylish. This hairstyle features very short hair with a top knot and long side braids that go down to the bottom of the chin. All you need is that elf hat, some white clothes, red shoes and some glittery accessories so that you can become an elf this Christmas holiday!

2.The Undercut

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The undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles for Christmas. It is also one of the easiest to style and maintain. The undercut is a hairstyle that starts from the back of the head and goes down to the sides in layers. This type of haircut is not only stylish but also trendy, making it an ideal choice for your Christmas holidays!

3.The Mohawk

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The mohawk is another great choice for your holiday party. This hairstyle gives you a punk rock look and makes you look like a rock star! It can be styled either with gel or without gel, depending on your preference. You can also try out different colors such as pink, red or purple to make it more interesting and stylish.

4.Ponytail with braids

This hairstyle is perfect for Christmas parties, as it’s easy to maintain and looks great. You can also put some extensions to make the look even more elegant.

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5.The Ponytail with Curls

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If you want to look elegant yet casual at the same time, then this hairstyle will be perfect for you! The ponytail with curls is one of those classic looks that never go out of fashion even today. You can easily achieve this look by wrapping a small section of hair around your ponytail and securing it with bobby pins before pulling it back into a ponytail again. This simple trick will give you tons

6.Braids with a twist

This hairstyle is definitely unique, but it require a lot of time and energy to complete it perfectly, so, if you have time this is the perfect solution for you!

7.The Side Swept Bangs

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This hairstyle for Christmas is an updated version of the classic side swept bangs. The difference is that it’s more of a chic, sophisticated style than an over-the-top, high maintenance look. It has almost a frohawk-like feel to it and the idea is to keep hair away from the face so that you can wear sunglasses without looking like you’re wearing a hat.

8.The bun bun

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This hairstyle will definitely make you stand out at the party, especially if you have dark hair that doesn’t go well with regular styles. It’s also a very simple hairstyle that does not require much time — just use a few bobby pins and add some accessories like red lips or earrings!

9.The Lob

The lob is an interesting variation on the side swept bangs look that many girls love to wear for their Christmas holidays because it looks like you have really messy hair but you know that you don’t! Plus, if you

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10.Bun with braids and feathers

If you want to add some feathers into your Christmas holiday party look, try this one! You can put some feathers on your head or use them as props — they’ll look amazing either way!

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11.Braided ponytail with glossy hair

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braided ponytail with glossy hair would be little freaky if you have black shiny hair like Wednesday Adams .that would be a great hairstyle idea for your goth family gathering at Christmas.

12.The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a classic holiday hairstyle that everyone can wear. If you want to make sure your holiday is more memorable, you should try some of the weirdest Christmas hairstyles that look unique and trendy. Holiday parties are no longer the simple, informal gatherings they used to be.

13.The Snowman

For those who prefer a dramatic look, this style is perfect for them! But if you don’t have much time to work on it before the party starts, then just go with this one and don’t worry about spending too much time on it before heading out for the night!

14.Side Pony

This is another popular hairstyle for Christmas holidays. It’s not only easy to do but it also looks great on everyone who tries it out. You can create an intricate pattern by twisting one side of your ponytail and then letting it hang down in the other direction, making it look like a half-ponytail.

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15.The Sloppy Bun

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This hairstyle is perfect for the holiday season because it’s a simple, easy way to create an updo with a messy bun underneath. You can add or remove the pins to suit your style or mood.

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