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14 Anime Moms With The Most Spectacular Hairstyles

We’ve all seen the mom from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, who spends her free time at the gym and doesn’t want to be told what to do. But as it turns out, there are plenty of other moms out there who are just as badass in their own way. These anime moms have a wide variety of careers and hobbies—and they’ll tell you that they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty if necessary! We rounded up some of our favorites (and made sure we gave credit where credit was due) so you can see what makes these ladies so incredible.

Sachiko Fujinuma From Erased


Sachiko Fujinuma is a schoolteacher who lives in the city of Satoru, which is being threatened by an earthquake. She’s the mother of Satoru, who has been kidnapped by Yashiro Isana and taken to an alternate dimension that he created using his power over time.

Sachiko has long hair that she keeps in a ponytail most of the time—and when she does let her hair down (which is rare), it’s still pretty short! She wears glasses and always looks elegant despite what could be considered normal attire for someone else (like those pink pajamas).

Hana From Wolf Children

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Hana from Wolf Children is a short, curly haired anime mom who has a fringe that covers her forehead. She has a bob hairstyle with long bangs in front and shorter ones in back. Her hair is naturally straight, but she loves to wear it curly for special occasions. In the show, she falls in love with a wolfman (who happens to be one of their own children), so they have two kids together!

Sanae Furukawa From Clannad

Sanae Furukawa from Clannad is a pretty mother. She has long hair and bangs that frame her face, which makes her look even more adorable. Her hair is straight and flat (but not too flat). It’s also tied back most of the time, so it doesn’t have to be styled much at all.

Sanae might not be the best baker in town—and neither were any of her daughters—but she was an outstanding mother nonetheless. She raised them with love and compassion, teaching them how to respect others while also showing them how important family can be.

Miyako Ishida From A Silent Voice


Miyako Ishida from A Silent Voice is a blonde with some black hair at the top. She has bangs, and her style really complements Shoyo’s personality.

Shoyo’s mother was also an excellent hairdresser—she made sure that her son looked his best for when he started his first high school in Japan.

Dadan From One Piece

Dadan is a pirate who is the captain of the Happo Navy. She has a strong sense of justice and is willing to do anything to protect her crew, including breaking out of prison so that they can escape being executed. Her long hair has been described as “curly” by fans, but it’s actually straight (although you can tell she uses product).

The style works because it highlights her strong jawline while still keeping her face looking soft and feminine—a nice contrast against all those sharp teeth!

Delia Ketchum From Pokemon

Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum is the mother of Ash Ketchum, a boy who is often seen training for his Pokemon battles. She has a ponytail with bangs that’s very similar to her son’s hairstyle.

Bell-mere From One Piece


Bell-mere is one of the most beloved characters in One Piece. She’s a sailor and has an interesting hairstyle with an undercut style that you can’t help but love!

Bell-mere was a brave Navy soldier, who adopted Nojiko and Nami when they were young girls. Her hair is naturally red, but she usually wears it up into a ponytail or clipped short on top of her head so that it frames her face perfectly. When she’s not wearing her signature look (which we’re sure would look amazing even if she didn’t have any makeup), Bell-mere keeps things simple by going for simple bangs or braids instead of letting down her locks completely like some other characters do during their downtime moments—or just after getting dressed up for dinner parties at King Roger’s castle!

Kushina Uzumaki From Naruto

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Kushina Uzumaki, the wife of Minato Namikaze and mother of Naruto Uzumaki (who she raised with her husband’s shadow). She has red hair that can change colors depending on how much chakra is flowing through it (red when low on chakra, blue when medium).

Inko Midoriya From My Hero Academia

Inko Midoryia Past Anime

Inko Midoriya is the mother of Midoriya Izuku. She has black hair with half top knot, which is perfect for this anime mom look.

Trisha Elric From Fullmetal Alchemist


Trisha Elric is the mother of Al and Ed. She married Hohenheim with the hopes of starting a family, but she was unable to conceive. Her long hair with a loose ponytail has been her signature look over time, and it’s no surprise that it remains so popular with fans today.

Clara Magnolia From Violet Evergarden


Clara Magnolia from Violet Evergarden is a mom with the most spectacular hairstyles. Her hair is short and messy, but she has pulled off this look so well that you don’t even notice that it’s not long and smooth like Ann’s.

Clara lived in a small town called Pontanno, which was near the country of Eretz. She had been married to someone else before she met Ann’s father, so they didn’t have any children together. However, when he died during World War II (which was around 1927), Clara decided to adopt his daughter instead of leaving her with relatives or friends who might not take care of her properly—even if they had offered! She cared deeply about Ann; they shared many happy memories together during their time together as mother and daughter

Kyoko Honda From Fruits Basket

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Kyoko Honda from Fruits Basket is one of the most beautiful anime moms in the world. Her long blonde hair and her eyes are perfect for this list because they’re so gorgeous! Kyoko was once a violent person, but then she met Katsuya and everything changed for her. She became someone who loved children and wanted to raise them well.

Kyoko’s hairstyle is very similar to Juri Arisugawa’s—she has tight curls on her head that look great when she smiles at you or laughs at something funny that happened during filming with Tohru Honda (her son).

Akari Kawamoto From March Comes In Like A Lion


Akari Kawamoto, who plays the eldest of the Kawamoto sisters in March Comes In Like a Lion, is also an actress. She graduated from Tokyo University of Arts with a degree in acting and has been acting for several years now.

She’s also married to fellow actor Takahiro Sakurai who plays Shōgo Asahi in their show.

Tomoko Higashikata From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Tomoko AV

Tomoko Higashikata is the mother of Josuke Higashikata. She fell in love with Joseph, and together they Josuke. Her hair is short and black, just like Joseph’s hair was when he was alive.

anime moms are cool

Anime moms are cool. They’re awesome. They’re amazing. They’re the best people in the world and definitely deserve to be praised for their beautiful hairstyles and style choices, but what about the ones who don’t?

Do you know any anime moms with great hair but no one ever talks about them? Are there any anime moms without great hair that you can talk about instead? This list will help answer those questions and more!


We hope you enjoyed this list of the most spectacular hairstyles in anime! Whether you like your mom’s hair to be long, short, or somewhere in between, there is something for everyone on our list. Happy watching!

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