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12 amazing updos you can do yourself

Have you ever had those lazy days where you just don’t want to do a lot for your hair but you still want to look fabulous?

I don’t know about you but I do experience those days!

When you need to go out for a dinner and do a quick hairdo that will make you look more extra, then this post is for you!

I have summed up 12 super easy hairdo tutorials that’ll help you to look fabulous even when you don’t feel like it.

1. Fuller and Voluminous Ponytail

Wanna have those voluminous look for your hair when you just lazy? Try this look! 

Fuller and Voluminous Ponytail

2. Flip Twist Ponytail

Try this hairdo if you want a bit twist! 

Flip Twist Ponytail

3. Braid and Twist Ponytail

Want to look cute without putting in too much effort? braid your hair, twist it and add ribbon! You will look cute in an instant 

 Braid and Twist Ponytail

4. Double Twist Ponytail

Want to have a neat hairdo to go to the office? This hairstyle will help you achieve that 

Double Twist Ponytail

5. Half-Up Boho Bun Hairstyle

You can pull out this look and post it on Instagram! Cute and Messy look for that lazy day 

Half-Up Boho Bun Hairstyle

6 Hair Bow Style

You are planning on a date and you realize that you don’t know what to do with your hair?

Go for this hairstyle and pair it with a romantic makeup look. You are good to go!

Hair Bow Style

You don’t need much time to look gorgeous with these easy hairdos

7. Half Knot Hairstyle

Another romantic hairstyle perfect for your date night! You’ll find 3 tutorials for different types of knot hairstyle

Half Knot Hairstyle

8. Voluminous Half Hairdo

You don’t have long hair but you just want to have a little twist for your hairstyle then this is perfect for you!

Voluminous Half Hairdo

9. The Messy Bun

When you are a busy mom and don’t have time to do your hairdo and you need to go out with your friends.

Do this bun and you’ll look a bit extra!

The Messy Bun

10. Half-Up Bun

Going for travel and you need a simple yet cute hairdo? You can try this hairstyle 

Half-Up Bun

11. Simple Twist Up-do

You want to look a bit serious for your office look then go for this hairstyle! 

Simple Twist Up-do

12. Wrapped Headband Updo

Don’t know what hairstyle you need to do when you have a wedding to attend?

This simple look will be pretty with a mini dress or long dress.

Wrapped Headband Updo

What do you think about these hairdos? Let me know in the comments!

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