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10 Must-Try Hair Trends Inspired by Celebrity Red Carpet Looks

Are you ready to up your hair game and try something new? From sleek and straight to bold and bouncy, celebrity red carpet styles never fail to make a statement. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next hairstyle, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be covering 5 must-try hair trends inspired by the latest celebrity looks on the red carpet. Read on to find out more!

1-Lady Gaga 2019 Oscars

Lady Gaga 2019 Oscars blonde hairs
Lady Gaga 2019 Oscars

for lady gag 2019 Oscars hairdo, Aspiras created a looped top bun out of Gaga’s platinum blonde locks. He meticulously shaped the appearance with hair strands on top, twisting it back into a tight roll. To be completely honest, I have no idea how to replicate this look in my own house.

2-Blake Lively 2016 Cannes Film Festival

Blake Lively 2016 Cannes Film Festival
Blake Lively 2016 Cannes Film Festival

Vivienne Westwood Couture helped Blake Lively, a former princess of the Upper East Side, dress as a different princess for the Slack Bay (Ma Loute) premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this evening. Her hair were tide in a messy bun with a beautiful jeweled pink broach . she also wore a light pinkish hair band.

3-Selena Gomez Fauxhawk Braid

Selena Gomez Fauxhawk Braid
Selena Gomez Fauxhawk Braid

At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Selena Gomez’s dramatic braid was gorgeous. Marissa Marino is a hairdresser (Nine Zero One Salon, West Hollywood),who designed the style, provides us with instructions so you may attempt it yourself:

  1. To create the pompadour, section off hair from the front of your hairline and sprinkle it with Unite Expanda Dust throughout. Tease it back, using a comb. Next, pin this section with a bobby pin to secure it in place.
  2. Take the rest of the hair and make five small ponytails down the centre of your head.
  3. Create a Dutch braid (reverse French), incorporating the ends of each ponytail into the next to create a single unit.
  4. Spray the Unite Session Max Hairspray all over to tame frizzies and smooth the sides around the hairline.
  5. To make the braid look undone, pull it apart and pin these pieces down with bobby pins.
  6. Finish the look with the Unite Max Control Hairspray to tame any flyaways.

4-Zoe Kravitz Pixie Cut

Zoe Kravitz Pixie Cut
Zoe Kravitz Pixie Cut

Thanks to Zo Kravitz, who wore a stunning Dior dress and a short, feathered haircut to the 2017 Emmy Awards on Sunday night, the pixie cut maintained its status as the hairstyle of the moment. she proves that pixie cut looks phenomenal on confident women.

5-Angelina Jolie up-do

Angelina Jolie up-do
Angelina Jolie up-do

Is there ever a situation in which Angelina doesn’t look amazing? As simply and gracefully as we would anticipate nothing less from this seasoned red carpet favorite. we can’t decide if Miss Jolie herself, the hair, or both are to blame for our severe obsession. Definitely and most likely both! .

6-Natalia Portman Jackie O-esque Chignon

Natalia Portman Jackie O-esque Chignon
Natalia Portman Jackie O-esque Chignon

Natalie Portman, who is stunningly pregnant, looked amazing at the “Jackie” premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. The starlet’s hair was shaped into a lovely sleek twisted chignon using Leonor Greyl products by celebrity hairdresser Johnnie Sapong for her red carpet appearance.

7-Margot Robbie shoulder-length curls

Margot Robbie shoulder-length curls

You may already be familiar with her from her role as Harley Quinn in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, but did you know that this Australian beauty made a stunning red carpet entrance on Sunday night in a stunningly glam gold snakeskin gown designed by Diane Von Furstenburg? While her makeup was great, her hair was extremely lovely and completed the appearance. Robbie was able to stand out for this year’s Oscars thanks to famous hairdresser Renato Campora. Robbie wore shoulder-length curls, a soft smokey eye, and a nude lip to the 88th Annual Academy Awards in 2016.

8-Jessica Alba 50’s inspired Updo

Jessica Alba 50's inspired Updo

At 2014 met gala Jessica alba’s hairstylist Davy Newkirk styled her hairs into a phenomenal 50’s glamour inspired modern updo. Newkirk 1st shape Jessica’s wet hair into waves. then , gave her a side part with low bun updo.

9-Amber Heard Curls

Amber Heard

Heard arrived at the 2013 Costume Institute Gala with her ombre hair sweeping over in delicate, glossy curls and glowing, creamy complexion.

10-Billie Eilish’s Spiky Ponytail

Billie Eilish's Spiky Ponytail
Billie Eilish's Spiky Ponytail

Billie Eilish has generally worn her shoulder-length shag down since she cropped her baby bangs and coloured her hair black in February 22. However, because the Grammys are all about trying new things, the singer, who is up for Album of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album, chose to change things up tonight with a piece-y ponytail and face-framing layers.

The standout of Billie Eilish’s beauty look was her spiky ponytail, which she wore on the Grammys red carpet and which had an emo peacock feel.

11-Zendaya’s Oscar Deadlocks

Zendaya's Oscar Deadlocks

The actress wore a white, silk, off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood column gown to the 2015 Oscars. She accessorised with waist-skimming dreadlocks tied up in a half-up style.

12-Kim Kardashian Met Gala 22

Kim Kardashian Met Gala 22
Kim Kardashian Met Gala 22

We all know that for the 2022 Met Gala, Kim Kardashian dyed her hair bleach-blonde and wore the actual outfit that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy. Before the event, there had been whispers that she would wear this ensemble, but none of us had anticipated that it would include a slicked-back blonde bun. The Kardashians, however, are known for constantly going above and beyond to get the perfect cosmetic appearance.

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