10 Long Hairstyles for Women With Children

by Monday, August 22, 2016

Long hairstyles for women are often glamorous and perfectly executed with a great number of tools and products. But what about the busy mom who just wants to get through the day still looking cute and polished, but in less time and with less effort? It can be done, even with unwashed or wet hair, promise! Proof? Look no further than this list!

10 Long Hairstyles for Women With Children

Amp up your usual ponytail or messy bun with these easy yet chic hair ideas

As much as I love spending a lot of time and using a lot of tools to create a breathtaking long hairstyles for women, I know those are best reserved for truly special occasions like weddings and proms. Daily life demands so much from you as it is, so a simple yet chic look is often all you need to see you through the day—and no one knows this better than moms! For mothers, a hairstyle must withstand tiny hands forever clinging and grabbing, housework, and the scrutiny of other moms at the playground or park. It isn’t easy juggling errands, chores, and the needs of your kiddos, so it’s always just easier to just pull your hair into a messy bun or ponytail.

But hey, what if I show you all the different cute possibilities for the same amount of effort? With a definite bonus, to boot: these long hairstyles for women look great or even better with both wet or unwashed hair (because the luxury of time to shower or wait for hair to set is now just a blissful memory!) and they require only the barest minimum of tools. Well, moms, consider me your personal hairstylist today, as I present to you ten different hairstyles for women with kids that I know will meet your needs—all while making you look irresistibly chic!

1. The Twisted Headband

The secret of this look? That adorable accessory is actually what is keeping this hairstyle together! Simply twist and tuck your hair back into the elastic of your headband for this effortless updo.

2. The No-Slip Bun

No-Slip Bun | 10 Long Hairstyles for Women with Children

Image via Cosmopolitan

This bun is guaranteed budge-proof, because it consists of two ponytails twisted together. A bit of hairspray seals the bun in place.

3. The Deep Side Braid

Deep Side Braid | 10 Hairstyles for Women With Children

Image via Garnier USA

Aiming for something that could carry over into a romantic dinner with the hubby? This French braid will take you five minutes, tops! Tie your hair back into a bun then let hair down later on for some easy loose waves.

4. The Criss-Cross Ponytail

Why I love this style? It works even better with hair that has a little more grip to it (think second or third day hair). Amp up your basic low ponytail with this cute criss-cross detail.

5. The Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail | 10 Long Hairstyles for Women with Children

Image via How Does She

Tired of your basic ponytail? This bubble ponytail is anything but basic, but it’s so easy to do! Try it out via this tutorial here.

6. The Braided Bun

Braided Bun | 10 Long Hairstyles for Women with Children

Image via Hairsea

This braid and bun combo works best with damp hair, so major plus points for something you can do right after stepping out of the shower! Check out the details for this long hairstyle for women here.

7. The Best Messy Bun

Best Messy Bun | 10 Long Hairstyles for Women with Children

Image via Aisle Style

It simply does not get simpler than this messy top knot. All you need are an elastic and some bobby pins!

8. The Knot Ponytail

How adorable is this? And look—you can tuck some decorative hairpins into the knot for added oomph. This is great summertime day-to-night style!

9. The Everyday French Twist

How can you not swoon over this updo? But while it looks complicated and intricate, it’s actually just a few steps to this hairstyle heaven! Learn how to do this everyday French twist here.

10. The Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail | 10 Long Hairstyles for Women with Children

Image via Freckled Fox

Ponytails will always be a mom’s go-to hairstyle, but why not make a bit of effort to elevate it? Slick hair back with some serum and wrap a section of hair around the elastic for a clean and seamless look. All you need is some bright lipstick, then you’re ready to head out the door!

 Looking for a quick tutorial? Here’s a great video by Dulce Candy for four more easy hairstyles perfect for busy moms:

I hope I’ve encouraged you to try these spectacular yet effortless long hairstyles for women with children! These looks are a great way to enhance that glow of motherhood, don’t you agree? These hairstyles prove that even a busy mom can still look her best. Plus, no matter how hectic your daily schedule gets, you’ll have a little dose of happiness in the form of a super chic hairstyle!

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