10 Fun Kids Braided Hairstyles To Do For School

by Thursday, September 15, 2016

It’s back to school season again, which means it’s high time for a fresh round of kids braided hairstyles to get excited over! As a hairstylist, nothing makes me happier than seeing a little girl proudly showing off her perfect plaits. Now, I know just how much of a labor of love kids braided hairstyles can be, but just look through this list—can you honestly say you aren’t itching to try any of these adorable kids braided hairstyles on your kiddo for her to shine in school? Let’s get started!

10 Fun Kids Braided Hairstyles To Do For School

Kids braided hairstyles seem to get more and more intricate every year! But don’t worry—in my professional opinion, I can promise you that even the most complicated-looking hairstyle can be achieved if you master the basic kinds of braids (and load up on a lot of styling products and patience). Besides, isn’t the pure joy on your little girl’s face after seeing the finished style worth all the effort?

And more than looking like a princess,  kids braided hairstyles serve quite a practical purpose: Your star student’s hair will stay neat and tidy throughout a day’s worth of classes, recess games and activities, and after-school sports. Ready to get braiding? I’m sure you’ll love to see your little girl strut into school rocking any of these fun kids braided hairstyles!

Before you get started:

  • Assess the state of your little princess’ hair. If it’s much too fine to attempt tightly-woven braids, consider looser or more undone-looking styles instead. If she’s prone to having sensitive skin, go easy on spraying styling products on her scalp, too. Try organic or natural hair products when you can!
  • Use a light hand when braiding at the crown or hairline. Too-tight braids can tug at the delicate hair along the hairline, and that can cause permanent damage in the long run.
  • Having cornrows or other braid styles that expose your child’s scalp means the skin will be vulnerable to dryness and sun exposure. Try misting your little girl’s scalp with watered-down leave-in conditioner or even a hair product with SPF for additional protection from the elements.
  • Already dreading your little girl’s fidgets while you braid? Lots of other moms I know consider letting their kids watch an episode of their favorite TV show on the iPad or give them an interactive book or game while they braid, to ensure maximum cooperation!

Bearing those reminders in mind, allow me now to present to you these 10 braided hairstyles that are perfect for school.

1. 3D Pull-Through Braid

This impressive braid is definitely wow-worthy! This basic pull-through braid is amped up with lots of texture and volume for a 3D look that makes quite an impact!

2. Braided Buns

Simple and straight to the point, a pair of pigtails pulled taut into braided buns makes for a classic look.

3. Dutch Braid to High Bun

Upside-down braids are so quirky and fun! Top the whole look off with a braided bun for a crazy-awesome look!

4. Fishtail Pigtails

These aren’t your everyday braided pigtails—spicing things up with a fishtail keeps the classics cool and interesting. Don’t forget the satin ribbons to seal the deal!

5. French Braid To Bun

French braids are very regal and elegant. Fluffed-out and twisted into a loose knot, it becomes young and fresh—just the right look you want when you’re starting a new school year.

6. Hairline Braid To Side Ponytail

Now here’s a fun way to keep the hair off of your little darling’s face! A neat Dutch braid along the hairline forms the foundation of the basic braided ponytail. Add a cute hair accessory to make the whole look even sweeter!

7. Lace Braids

Here’s something new! This look makes me think of an elf princess or a fairy—which I’m sure your little dreamer loves pretending to be at playtime!

8. Pull-Through Braid to Pigtails

Pull-through braids seem complicated, but with a little practice, you’ll soon get the hang of these cute little loops! The usual braided pigtails become much more fun when done in a pull-through style.

9. Pull-Through Crown Braid

Isn’t this precious? Just more proof that pull-through braids make everything just that much more pretty!

10. Wavy Cornrows Into Pigtails

When it comes to fun kids braided hairstyles, you simply can’t ignore this awesome wavy cornrow! Worried about how you’re going to pull off that precise hair parting? The pointed end of your fine-tooth comb will do the trick!

Coming up with such cute and fun kids braided hairstyles together with your little one will surely take away the jitters of a new school year, so I highly encourage you to give any of these awesome hairdos and try!

For a little more inspiration, here’s a tutorial by SweetHearts Hair Design for a pull-through braid hairstyle. Watch the video here:

It’s going to be an amazing school year for your little girl, I just know it! How can it not be, when she’s totally owning any of these adorable braided looks? Happy braiding and bonding with your precious girl!

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